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Skin Resurfacing Machine

Scars & Acne Scars are a common problem for many patients as they frequently develop after trauma to the skin. As the body repairs the wound, fibrotic tissue replaces the injured skin, forming a scar. The type of scar that develops depends on the cause of injury, the depth of the wound, its location, and other variables.

VANOO Scars Acne Removal Machine Treatment uses uses tiny beams of light that penetrate deeply into the skin. The result is dozens or even hundreds of microscopic holes where skin cells have been removed, surrounded by healthy skin. The holes help break down old skin cells while stimulating collagen production within the deeper skin layers. The surrounding healthy skin helps to quickly heal the damage done by the laser therapy, resulting in fresh, new skin cells. This is a treatment with lower risk and less pain than surgical approaches, and with excellent clinical outcomes.

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