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E light beauty, remove spots after notice

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
E light beauty, remove spots after notice

is a common trouble spots people's skin problems, not only affect the appearance of people image, but also caused a certain psychological burden, so people actively remove points. Remove speckle method is more, but easy to spot repeated problems, e light beauty instrument of freckles, age spots and other skin pigment spots removing effect is better, but e light beauty, what are the main considerations, after remove spots?

, secretary of the surface of some of the reasons for genetic factors may be, may be the day after tomorrow the sun exposure or endocrine factors, and so on, no matter what the cause discoloration, are melanin, and remove spots is to remove the the melanin, so remove spots according to the actual situation of spots for specific analysis and operation. E light beauty instrument is IPL intense pulsed light technology, the RF radio frequency technology and epidermis cooling technology for the integrated intelligent system, non stripped according to the effect of field can effectively remove skin pigment spots, e light beauty, remove spots after the matters needing attention are:

1, remove spots after operation, operation area will have different degree of swelling ( In accordance with individual differences in the degree is different) , is usually mild, this is normal after the operation, don't need to worry too much.

2, if there is enough time after operation, it is recommended to leave the first 20 - 30 minutes of cold, to alleviate the photon operation of varying degrees of pain ( The degree of pain there are individual differences) 。

3, for sensitive skin, don't eat food can cause skin allergy, when using beauty equipment remove spots operation cannot use photosensitive food or drug.

4, e light beauty, remove spots after operation, the skin's absorption capacity will increase, will speed up, some friends may be dry skin, so to supply enough water to the skin after operation.

5, e light after remove spots, go out need to do a good job of sunscreen, attention should be paid to apply some sunscreen or when going out for a dozen umbrella, for local can't squeeze operation, can't use drugs such as aspirin.

this is dispelling the spot of e light beauty apparatus after simple introduction note, this is very important, may be directly related to the effects of dispelling the spot, so should attach great importance to the considerations of e light after remove spots,

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