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Opt multi-function cosmetology instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
Opt multifunctional beauty

new beauty salon, for choosing a suitable beauty equipment. Opt multi-function cosmetology instrument can carry out hair removal, tender skin, remove spots, go to the beauty project such as acne, worth beauty salon of choose and buy. Stefano next small make up for you to introduce:

OPT multifunctional beauty skin cooling technology, intense pulsed light technology and RF radio frequency technology as one of the intelligent skin reconstruction system. OPT cosmetic instrument one instrument, solve the depilation, firming and whitening, wrinkles, skin problems such as acne printed. OPT photon hair removal technology, is the use of melanin in the hair follicle cells to absorb certain wavelengths of light, make the hair follicles produce heat, so as to selectively destroy the hair follicle, while avoid damage to the surrounding tissue to remove the effect of hair.

Opt hairdressing apparatus can remove superficial skin pigment such as freckles, age spots, also can better solve the problem of skin red blood vessels, avoids the operation of the photon tender skin, often appear the problem such as skin burns. OPT cosmetic instrument is one of the traditional upgrade of photon tender skin, has a good skin tightening, smoothen fine lines, optimization of the skin texture, shrink the pores.

opt multifunctional beauty, beauty salon can choose to buy the new stores. For more details

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