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808 laser hair removal instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
808 laser hair removal equipment incoming

808 laser hair removal device, Shanghai's company is a professional hair removal equipment, almost no pain and beauty is in the process of operation, can achieve the effect of hair removal, the freezing point is beauty institutions. Today, stefano company strong 808 laser hair removal instrument hits, what? Along with the small make up to find out now!

808 laser hair removal equipment is also known as semiconductor laser hair removal device, have been recognized for its good hair removal effect, is also a magic weapon of depilate beauty institutions to attract more customers. Shanghai's 808 veh has high power 3200 w, especially for cosmetic industry and hair removal field has made a great contribution. Strong 808 laser hair removal instrument power is so high, what are the benefits?

1。 Power, the higher the hair removal effect is better, shorter operation time, the shorter the operating cycle.

2。 Only the higher power, pulse width to the lower, operation in the case of almost no feeling hair removal is completed.

3。 The shorter the pulse width less postoperative complications, the depilation of postoperative complications such as blisters, color.

in addition, 808 veh itself is equipped with a vacuum adsorption VT and big light hair removal FH05 hands, and the frequency of the sliding mode is as high as 10 hz, a part of the hair removal simply for a few minutes, easily implement fast hair removal, is your worth having and reliable hair removal instrument.

in the past, people is admired beauty equipment abroad, but bring the corresponding cost burden is bigger, and our domestic hairdressing equipment cost-effective, not only best-selling domestic and exported to overseas market. Today, the company 808 laser hair removal instrument hits, what are you waiting for, hurry

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