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808 semiconductor laser hair removal equipment

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
808 semiconductor laser hair removal instrument

the summer coming, people have put on the cool clothes, but a bit not careful to expose armpit hair, armpit hair too much words directly affect the person's image. Traditional hair removal method is not easy removal and the pain is stronger, now a lot of people will choose to go to beauty salon hair removal, 808 semiconductor laser hair removal equipment removal effect is very good, hair and beauty salon hair removal equipment.

808 semiconductor laser hair removal instrument is applied laser selective solar-thermal principle for hair removal, at the time of hair removal is no pain, penetrate the skin to the hair follicles, light energy is converted into heat energy damage hair follicle tissue, so as to achieve the result of hair removal. 808 semiconductor laser hair removal instrument for just redundant hair, is not cause any harm to the normal skin, yes. However, freezing point hair removal is not a can of hair removal, is typically 4 - need according to individual circumstances 6 times to achieve the goal of removing.

808 semiconductor laser hair removal device, hair removal parts will produce a tiny red spot, had mild burning sensation, this is normal reaction, usually 1 - at the end of the operation 2 hours will disappear. Operation to pay attention to prevent bask in 2 weeks, because skin particularly vulnerable after laser hair removal, easy coloring, after sun although will fade, but need some time. Don't wear the dyeing depth or not clean underwear, because after laser hair removal is more sensitive skin, prone to inflammation, recommended to wear clean, colored cotton underwear.

808 semiconductor laser hair removal equipment is a professional hair removal device, patients experience more comfortable, less pain, in addition, attention should be paid to prevent bask in, do not eat excitant food tartly, postoperative nursing is directly related to the effect of hair removal. Stefano company how beauty equipment to choose from,

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