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Do beauty instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
Do hairdressing instrument

before have no contact with instruments or the use of products in cosmetic clients to do hairdressing instrument may know very little about, even for beauty equipment which can carry out beauty projects also not too clear, today small make up a rough introduce everyone to do hairdressing instruments.

do hairdressing instrument according to the can carry out the project classification can be divided into the following: remove spots instruments, mainly including tuning Q laser instrument and the e light beauty instruments; Hair removal equipment, mainly including the semiconductor laser hair removal and e light beauty instruments; Anti-wrinkle ageing equipment, mainly including domestic lattice laser cosmetic instrument, thermal maggie instruments, as well as the domestic HIFU instruments; Tender skin skin cleaning: including oxygen into water operation instrument and ultramicro bubble beauty instrument; Vascular lesions operating instruments: including net wire gauge, long pulse laser instrument, e light beauty equipment; Reduced fat instrument: Slimming Slimming shaping equipment, frozen fat loss instrument, ultrasonic blast fat fat reducing instrument and so on.

by the introduction of the above we can see the beauty equipment to carry out the project is really very much, and there are many small make up is not involved, such as skin health testing instruments imported instruments and skin nutrition. And we see a lot of project involves e light beauty instrument, this is because the e light beauty equipment because the wavelengths of light is not a single wavelength laser therefore operation project diversification, but also because of the characteristics in some project e optical instrument is not professional laser instrument to carry out of good, such as for dispelling the spot tuning Q laser can easily operate the chloasma, birthmarks and other leather skin spots and e light beauty instrument can only make as freckles skin spots.

to introduce beauty instrument small make up to here, if the instruments mentioned above is not suitable for you you can directly

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