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Fifth generation thermal maggie, don't understand look

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Fifth generation thermal maggie, don't understand watching over

another month to the New Year, a lot of people want to years ago do a beauty, let yourself go home when looking at a very good way. Now beauty salon beauty instrument, a hot, maggie can tighten the skin, is popular with customers like it. Stefano next small make up for your detailed introduce:

hot maggie is the use of radio frequency heating principle to deep skin tissue, stimulate collagen contraction and new life, new collagen to the skin to tighten the elastic, achieve anti-wrinkle effect. Hot maggie is monopole radio frequency circuit type, can achieve conduct energy through the leather fibre interval, activate the deep skin collagen, stimulate fracture restructuring of elastic fibers, and the construction of a new protein fibres, remove wrinkles, lift firming. High strength rf energy, stimulate the dermal collagen contraction, immediately to tighten the pulling effect.

the fifth generation of heat, maggie, can solve the problem of sagging skin, make skin more smooth and compact, create a more solid jaw and chin contours, smooth around the lips, eyes, forehead, cheeks, neck, ham and knee wrinkles and fine lines, tighten up the neck, arm, abdomen and hip skin. So usually after 25 years old is a good time to use hot maggie resistance to early failure.

the fifth generation of heat, maggie, come see don't understand.

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