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Fight decline firming facial instrument V beauty Vlift++

by:Vanoo      2021-02-08
Fight decline firming facial instrument V Melanesia Vlift++

now constantly improve people's living standard, the office workers sit sitting to be fat, want to be thinner, need with the aid of beauty equipment, stefano company's fight decline firming beauty, hairdressing instrument V allows you to easily enjoy thin, build a V face. Stefano next small make up for your detailed introduce:

fight decline firming cosmetic instrument V beauty is combination of technology and technique, multiple advantage of project easily rise. Enjoy luxury & other light V Melanesia. Thin & throughout; , combining science and technique, unique and distinctive way to realize the face, neck, waist, hip, various parts of the compact. 360 - degree coverage improve leather shallow, leather reticular layer, layer of fat, fascia layer, shallow lift firming, rebuild skin deep framework, eliminate cellulite and tyra flabby fascia, layer upon layer resistance to failure.

this beauty instrument fifth generation composite radio frequency automatic skin impedance detection technology is reliable, the penetration depth can reach 10 - 20mm。 Insulating oxide ceramics arc operation head, hands with a small and light, smoothness of contact customer experience comfortable degree. Unipolar 4. 96 million radio frequency technology, ceramic probe high rf power output up to 300 watts, powerful firming, deep melting fat. This beauty instrument operation is simple, everyone will do. Don't choose the customer, nine big project that everyone needs. Easily solve the talk, detain a guest, the guest, the lock. Universal nine big project to meet all kinds of new and old door] Shop can set different forms experience card, project to upgrade card. Suitable for all types of stores, meet the needs of all businesses.

fight decline firming facial instrument V Vlift++ beauty, more details

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