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Fight decline instrument operation

by:Vanoo      2021-02-08
Fight decline operation instrument

as the growth of the age, fight decline has been the dream of many women, so also is many more fire beauty beauty institutions to carry out the project, small make up today is to bring the contents of the resistance to failure operation instrument.

fight decline probably can be divided into the following several kinds of operating instrument, is this a few years has been a fire in the domestic the lattice of rf, laser or lattice of machir, the heat of the second kind is original, and the third is nearly became popular HIFU except wrinkles apparatus. In the previous article 'beauty equipment heat maggie' ( Click on the name to enter I know) Small make up have been introduced in the content of the overheating, maggie, the content of the HIFU fight decline operation instrument small make up also in long articles, here small make up emphatically introduce burning laser.

we know lattice is stripped skin laser revascularization, namely with non stripped skin revascularization corresponding to a kind of method, is called stripped sex because lattice is used in the operation of high-energy laser are doing just the right amount of heat generated in the laser in the skin peeling. It was this hole, produce hot bridge between dermal tissue, and to encourage cell aging collagen metabolism and the growth of new collagen. With collagen new wrinkles will gradually disappear, the face will restore elasticity and younger. When the choose and buy lattice laser cosmetic instrument in addition to pay attention to the laser is not outside of the glass pipe should pay attention to the laser power must be the bigger the better, at present the common lattice laser laser on market power is at 20 w, 30 w, better stefano in 2014 the company introduced a 60 w co2 laser dot matrix, is a revolution in the field of anti-wrinkle fight decline operation instrument.

fight decline operation instrument small make up to introduce here, want to learn more about the customer can directly find relevant introduction to view or directly in the center of the product

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