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Firming instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-08
Firming apparatus

enhance firming firming instrument is indispensable to relaxation sister, how can morphing become princess? Stefano HIFU is a history, obvious effect, hold time ascending tight fight decline firming apparatus.

since true elastic membrane change, until dermal collagen continued rebuilding, stefano HIFU let you, regain youth for ten years. Together we look at the next HIFU firming anti-wrinkle cosmetic instrument principle is what? What let it become the new generation of firming ageing equipment.

main will use a special way of focusing ultrasound HIFU to become the focal point, in this way the energy received ten million times magnification, effect to skin temperature can reach 65 ℃ to 100 ℃, the focus of the gathered in the skin to produce a large number of hot spot effect directly to the dermis layer fascia, stimulating contraction fascia layer, realize firming effect of suspension of the skin. Also because of this, wrinkles disappear, all kinds of skin sagging problem is resolved. With other firming instruments, compared to fight decline instrument, the role of HIFU, deep effect, its meaning is to restore the skin elasticity, a HIFU operation, rejuvenation will no longer be a dream, it creates a virtuous change of collagen structure, it gives countless women new dream and confidence.

HIFU lift firming instrument instead of the traditional surgery, and pain, show the operation effect of far exceeds the lift surgery. And the operation effect of HIFU than rf hairdressing apparatus can achieve fascia, guests don't have to again and again to operation, disappointed again and again. Good improve skin instrument & ndash; — HIFU, the operating effect, came to stefano you don't have to hard to find, make haste to contact us.

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