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Freezing point e optical instruments

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Freezing point e optical instrument

in this era of pays attention to appearance, a lot of people for their unwanted hair more, especially in the summer, sometimes because embarrassed to wear pretty sexy clothes. The traditional method of hair removal effect is not very good, pain is intense, so a lot of beauty salon use freezing point e optical instruments to solve customer problems.

freezing point e light beauty, is to use the selective principle of light absorption, hair removal operation is a specific wavelength of light waves on the melanin in the hair follicle cells, the light energy is converted into heat energy, make the hair follicle heating to produce lasting damage, hair loss, can achieve the effect of hair removal. Freezing point e light beauty instrument is set the IPL, RF radio frequency (RF) and skin cooling technology for the integration of intelligent systems, the effect is good, a particular wavelength of growth period of hair follicles only to work, so the hair removal is need 4 - 6 times to complete.

e light beauty, hair removal technology is currently a hair removal technology is very good. E light beauty, not only effectively remove any parts of the body, such as facial, axillary, back, legs and bikini line, different colors, different depth of hair texture. Also can be hair removal at the same time make the dermis collagen fiber and elastic fiber produced inside the chemical changes of the molecular structure of the skin collagen in raw and rearrange, at the same time of hair removal can restore the original skin elasticity, eliminate or reduce light wrinkles, shrink pores. Improve skin quality, color of skin, tighten the skin.

this is simple introduction of freezing point e optical instruments, e can implement freezing point light hair removal, almost no pain, patients with hair removal experience more comfortable, in addition to hair removal, tender skin, can also remove spots, wrinkles, and so on, is very practical multi-function cosmetology instrument,

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