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Freezing point hair removal beauty instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Freezing hair removal beauty instrument

winter coming on, hair removal may be less than the summer, which season for hair removal, actually winter for hair removal, ahead of the summer show ego can enjoy charm, this is for beautiful people too! Hair removal method, there are many traditional hair removal methods strong pain, freezing point hair removal beauty instrument can solve this problem, hair removal experience comfortable, achieve good hair removal effect.

semiconductor laser hair removal instrument and photon hairdressing instrument can realize the freezing point of hair removal, the basis of the principle of selective solar-thermal, light penetrate the skin to the hair follicles, light with the aim to target the melanin in the hair follicle and selective absorption of light energy, hair follicle temperature rise sharply, leading to the hair follicle tissue destruction, wool tit atrophy, hair loss, so as to achieve the result of hair removal.

freezing point lose hair follicle activity, hair removal instrument gently will not damage the normal skin tissue, hair removal, quickly, is very popular a kind of hair removal equipment. Freezing point after hair removal operations, sometimes have a small number of patients may appear temporary skin redness, slightly swollen or with mild skin itching, these are normal reactions, can be restored after a few hours.

this is simple introduction of freezing point hair removal beauty instrument, at present the freezing point of hair removal equipment is more, such as fl - 808 01808 al - 01, S7C, etc, are very popular,

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