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Freezing point hair removal equipment manufacturers

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Freezing point hair removal instrument manufacturer

the freezing point of hair removal instrument sells on the market has a lot of, but I can call freezing hair removal instrument only 808 semiconductor laser hair removal device, freezing point hair removal instrument manufacturer also many, but the strength of the big manufacturer of domestic few, stefano beauty equipment company is a manufacturer of so much.

808 semiconductor laser hair removal is a professional instrument for hair removal, large flare, sliding depilate, is suitable for the laser wavelength of 808 nm hair absorb, constituted the instrument of hair removal experience at a high speed. And constant temperature cooling condenser with sapphire operation head of hair removal process, realize the freezing point of effect, long pulse width of a single hair removal effect is very good, which indirectly reduce the hair needs the number of hair removal.

many manufacturers also will OPT beauty instrument for hair removal device, freezing OPT cosmetic instrument hair removal process is, indeed, freezing point, the pain is mild, almost comparable to those, semiconductor hair removal instrument and OPT beauty instrument or multifunctional instrument, which is why a lot of customers love. But as for hair removal, small make up still think semiconductor instrument, because first of all, the 808 nm semiconductor laser is designed for hair melanin, absorption efficiency is high, the effect of hair removal, little pain, and OPT although has improved a lot, on the basis of IPL but pain, it is not so good semiconductor hair removal instrument.

but different beauty institutions have different choice, semiconductor hair removal although good, tender skin function, but only the depilation OPT cosmetic instrument though a little pain, but the versatility is a very attractive advantages.

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