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Freezing point hair removal instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Freezing hair removal instrument

freezing hair removal instrument is the removal of a laser hair removal device, the industry also known as semiconductor laser hair removal is the freezing point, because the 808 nm laser so we called 808 semiconductor hair removal device, today small make up to bring is the freezing point the content of the hair removal instrument, introduce in detail its working principle and why it is called freezing.

the hair removal instrument adopts the freezing point is 808 nm laser we have described above, the 808 - nm wavelength of laser is suitable for Asian skin crowd hair melanin absorption of the laser, so the hair removal, most of the laser energy is absorbed by the hair instead of melanin in the skin or blood capillary absorption, reduce the energy waste and is very effective to protect the skin from burns, our perception of pain receptors are significantly reduced. The internal configuration of the microchannel cooling technology and instruments operation head freezing point, hair removal as freezing point of the dual function.

at present 808 semiconductor has achieved sliding hair removal, hair removal instrument have customer ask small make up what is sliding hair removal, to introduce here small make up, hair removal instrument is a traditional light spot is printed a spot to play on the skin and every time according to a spot on the need to press the switch control hand lase, as we say at ordinary times according to the stamp, it is very inefficient way of hair removal. And sliding hair removal is a hand up straight out of the light we just need to constantly move the hand with sliding slowly will be able to achieve the perfect results, take off a forearm may need less half an hour before easily get it only takes a few minutes now.

that's small make up to bring the freezing point of hair removal apparatus, the technology of equipment life in 2 w hours above, can use an average of 4 - Five years, and also is the hair removal instrument.

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