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Freezing point hair removal instrument depilation question answer

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Freezing point hair removal instrument depilation question answer

there are many kinds of traditional hair removal method, such as wax, tweezers, defeathering, hair removal liquid, etc. , but the pain is strong, hair removal effect is not good. Semiconductor laser and opt freezing hair removal equipment, hair removal process is comfortable, almost no pain, also can realize the effect of hair removal, but many people for freezing point hair removal device there is some doubt waxing, small make up for you now to freezing point hair removal instrument depilation question answer.

1, hair removal to take off a few times, how long apart?

a: first of all different parts and different constitution, hair follicle growth cycle is different, need the number of times is different also. Second instrument is different, achieve the effect also different.

2, hair the more dense the more you need for optical hair removal?

a: no, hair removal is not to much to determine the operating frequency, the amount of hair, according to the hair growth cycle generally freezing depilation 3 - operation Can remove 6 times.

3, what is season for hair removal?

a: freezing hair removal without the wound, no need to recovery, any time can, in theory is not seasonal. But waxing need operation for many times, so suggest you still operate as soon as possible, so that to summer can enjoy wearing summer wear, deliberately to show their beauty.

4, waxing painful not painful?

a: theoretically the pain of the instrument and differences, personal pain tolerance, the doctor's operating technique and the choice of energy regulation, so choose to trust of medical cosmetology organization. Freezing point of hair removal using instruments and experienced doctor operation, both and comfortable.

5, the skin after hair removal would react?

a: generally accepted after operation, there may be some scattered distribution of small red papules and slightly redness, the reaction will subside after a few hours, freezing point hair removal will not damage to skin and therefore does not affect the normal work and activities.

6, optical hair removal will not affect the sweat?

a: no. Hair follicles and sweat glands are respectively independent two structures, the hair from the follicle level, while the sweat glands next to hair follicles, which is not the same. Hair removal process of the freezing point is the destruction of the cells of hair follicle growth, do not affect the sweat glands, so will not affect the sweat.

these are for freezing point hair removal instrument depilation question answer, more and more beauty institutions choose freezing hair removal instrument for hair removal project, to let his hair removal customer hair removal effect is good, word of mouth, good to talk, a guest, Shanghai stefano photoelectric technology co. , LTD. , the freezing point of hair removal instrument can meet the different needs,

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