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Freezing point hair removal instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Freezing point hair removal instrument

hair removal instrument has many kinds, the mainstream of hair removal equipment to the semiconductor hair removal device, photon tender skin, e light beauty equipment, OPT beauty instrument, etc. So what kind of is freezing point hair removal instrument? That is to say, hair removal instrument which is comfortable, the customer will not feel pain?

a qualified instrument is 808 semiconductor hair removal device, because of the semiconductor equipment from the 808 nm laser is suitable for Asian people to skin type, also can be absorbed by the hair of melanin. And since 808 when the laser is absorbed by the skin of so little hair removal basic no pain also known as the freezing point of hair removal equipment.

the second count may be to OPT hairdressing apparatus, the technology of beauty instrument is multifunctional beauty instrument, the project can do is known as the photon tender skin instrument can carry out the project, only relatively tender skin instrument photons IPL technology, uniform pulse OPT technology, energy attenuation, also did not appear very little absorbed by the skin when waxing, so pain is minor, basically can match hair removal equipment, semiconductor and OPT cosmetic instrument versatility makes it cost-effective.

so when the photon tender skin instrument hair removal is very painful? Is not everybody imagination, small make up tried with photon tender skin tester, e light beauty instrument for hair removal, in fact, there is a slight tingling in, like ants bite of that kind of feeling, small make up feel pain can withstand. E light beauty instrument, the prices are cheaper, and in addition to hair removal, used for tender skin is quite appropriate, freckles, so there are many customers choose e light beauty instrument.

here small make up to bring the freezing point of the content of the hair removal instrument was completed, the hope can help you in your choice, if you

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