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Freezing point waves lift equipment

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Freezing waves lift equipment

a person's skin wrinkles, is caused by the influence of such factors as age, environment, and now people fast rhythm of life and work, pressure can cause wrinkles deepen. Wrinkles to beautiful people add a lot of troubles, freezing waves lift instruments can help people except knit fight decline, is also a beauty salon in waves lift project equipment, now come with small make up to look at.

freezing waves lift device is a kind of method of non-invasive wrinkle will not cause the human body wound, also don't move knife or injected, solve the trouble of wrinkles for beauty. Deep freezing waves lift equipment heating technology to stimulate new collagen, improve people's skin and face contour. Freezing waves lift equipment except knit on the same day to a week, because of the heat from immediate collagen tissue contraction effect, therefore, can obviously feel the skin tight feeling, and freezing waves can stimulate the skin collagen of the dermis to produce new for a long time, so 2 - after the operation Six months time, freezing point waves lift anti-wrinkle effect will be very obvious, also can let a person feel the charm of radiant skin. Freezing waves lift equipment except knit postoperative precautions are:

1, freezing waves lift on the same day to avoid cleaning operation area, don't use harsh cosmetics.

2, freezing waves lift after eating more foods containing vitamin C and E, or oral vitamin C, try to eat less soy sauce, pickles, beef, shrimp, crab, wine, coffee, etc excitant food.

3, pay attention to prevent bask in, after freezing waves lift out to avoid direct sunlight.

4, avoid sports sweat after freezing waves face-lifts, cause infection, can't squeeze friction operation area.

5, freezing point within 1 ~ 2 weeks after waves lift less facial expressions, and avoid the sauna, scrub the operation area.

a lot of people might ask freezing waves lift beauty equipment anti-wrinkle effect for how long, in fact, anti-wrinkle effect is related to the actual situation of individuals, usually to maintain two or three years.

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