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Freezing point waves PiYi

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Freezing point rf PiYi

as we age, the human body skin collagen loss, skin wrinkles and sagging or would happen, that beauty is not easy to accept. Freezing point waves can lift firming skin, change the way the skin flabby prolapse, but freezing rf PiYi where good?

rf skin beauty instrument, is the use of ice waves of heat conduction, the energy into deep skin, make the collagen in 45 - organization 60 degrees heat condition, natural produce immediate contraction, so that the proliferation of collagen and arrange orderly restructuring, firming skin, fill wrinkles, back tight and smooth of skin, recover skin to young state.

waves lift equipment using the collagen in the heat for 45 - At 60 degrees, the produce immediate contraction, that is to say, let loose skin instantly feel tight; In a freezing point waves lift 2 - after the operation 6 months, stimulate collagen constantly new and restructuring, the gap is filled of skin, reduce wrinkles, become smooth and elastic, can stay for a period of time.

freezing rf PiYi where good? Shanghai method, is a professional beauty equipment manufacturer, has not only many PiYi freezing waves, and also can remove wrinkle resistance to failure of ultrasonic knife instrument and hot,

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