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Frequently asked questions about OPT hair removal

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Frequently asked questions about OPT to depilate

the OPT beauty instrument for hair removal has many characteristics, such as, comfortable, quick effect, so widely used by the beauty parlor touting. But there are a lot of people to opt cosmetic instrument is not very understanding, then stefano small make up will opt to depilate a few questions for you to do answer:

the first opt cosmetic instrument yes a photon technology, adopts the technology of the opt + adsorption e light, dual mode,

the light stability, good operation effect, higher characteristic, the other with a fast sliding hair removal technology can realize the continuous sliding fast, very fast for large area hair removal, and refreshing, hair removal times also greatly reduced.

OPT hair removal method of hair removal is a very, strong professionalism, to human body, and even with tender skin, moisturizing effect. These effects, of course, need everyone to polish eyes choose qualified doctor skin, avoid improper operation, cause burns.

OPT to sex hair removal effect?

laser cosmetic instrument or light operation instrument has the function of sex hair removal, laser or light after operation in a hair not to grow hair growth cycle. In general, the multiple laser or light hair removing rate can reach 90% after operation, it is affected by many factors, of course.

take off once is effective?

laser hair removal typically take three to six times, to get hair clean. Reason: the hair growth should after growing period, regression stage, resting stage, the growth period of hair do OPT hair removal is 75% effective, regression period was 25%, the rest period almost null and void. Another is the hair follicles mostly triplet bundle together, open in the same pore, a hair pores, below it is a set of three hair follicles in a hair follicles to grow hair, so the only one of a set of hair follicles.

FAQ about OPT hair removal is introduced here for everyone

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