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Household hair removal instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Home hair removal equipment like

with the development of beauty industry, household and beauty is becoming more and more popular, home hair removal instrument is becoming more and more common, so home hair removal equipment? We in the entity shop online common household hair removal instrument is valid?

let's understand and effective hair removal instrument what are, is a kind of semiconductor laser hair removal is SD - 808 - nm BD01, professional for hair removal, freezing point, and MAO, the price is higher; Another kind is the IPL pulse light hair removal instrument SD - IPL01, slight pain, there is a limited number of light, that is used for a period of time need to change operation head, freezing point off hair, the price is cheap. Many other hot like household mechanical way for hair removal or shave wool implement is not hair removal instrument, and many will get rough hair harden after use.

there are customer asked small make up the above mentioned the hair removal instrument is a can of hair removal? Is not the case, the reason is not the instrument performance is bad, but we are have a cycle of hair growth, generally divided into the growth phase and stationary phase, retrograde period, only in the growth period of hair follicles contain melanin just enough, to absorb enough energy leads to unique hair, so we usually meet needs 3 - MAO 6 times hair removal, once a month. It is important to note before each hair removal need to shave the hair and then use instrument for hair removal, waxing when need to be visible to the naked eye hair surrounding skin to become red and with mild redness, centered on pore slightly small pimples just calculate can, less good to touch the water after depilation, and pay attention to prevent bask in.

about how about home hair removal equipment is introduced here, in fact is home for hair removal instrument and beauty salon hair removal instrument technology is the same, so the hair removal effect is good, in order to make the instrument has the long life, good at ordinary times should pay attention to clean after use, maintenance.

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