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How many money a laser wash tattoo machine

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser wash tattoo machine how many money a

now we often see others have a tattoo, expressed surprise is no longer as before, the tattoo is a landmark, reveal personality or on behalf of a certain significance. Tattoo is easier than wash tattoo, wash tattoo method is not commonly, laser wash tattoo machine is needed to remove clean, then how much is a laser wash tattoo machine?

wash tattoo machine is mainly want to use high-energy laser instantly penetrate the skin to tattoo pigment, the pigment particles in an instant fracture, fracture part of pigment particles directly out of the body, part of the rear of macrophage cell in vitro, tattoo pigment slowly disappear, so as to achieve the aim of wash tattoo. Laser wash tattoo is relatively clean, there won't be so big of pain, sex is high, the operation, so it is very popular.

people tattoo color have blue, black, blue, brown, red, brown, yellow, and so on a variety of, the different selective absorption wavelength of laser wash tattoo machine, wavelength of 1064 nm deep tattoo operation effect is good, to black, green, blue, brown, gray, etc in both the epidermal and dermal pigment parts can be very good remove, wavelength of 532 nm laser is mainly used to remove red pigment or shallow skin pigment.

how much is a laser wash tattoo machine? Wash tattoo, the use of single pulse energy 400 mj tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument can, price with beauty equipment manufacturer, brand, configuration, such as some special cheap energy may reach the effect of removing tattoos, so be sure to come on to choose.

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