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How many money a opt beauty equipment

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
Opt beauty parlour how much money a

on the basis of hairdressing market, now opt beauty equipment is a kind of common beauty equipment. Can easily achieve tender skin and hair removal, remove spots and wrinkles beauty project development, is the hairdressing apparatus of high performance-price ratio. OPT cosmetic instrument is the hairdressing technology such as photons, E light after a high level of different type of revolution. So how much a OPT beauty instrument?

the beauty salon use E light the photon tender skin technology in use for intense pulsed light IPL, then OPT cosmetic instrument is to use the OPT the intense pulsed light of science and technology. OPT beauty equipment from its each pulse energy is very uniform, eliminate the high energy of the first pulse peak, avoid the risk of burns foaming because the energy is high, the skin effect is good, operation will be high.

OPT multi-function beauty instrument set pulse light delicate skin, pigmentary lesions, vascular operation, in a hair removal, and OPT operation is equivalent to 2 - at a time 3 times of the traditional technology. Including square-wave OPT technology namely controllable intense pulsed light technology, is a new generation of pulse technology. Sapphire cooling technology, greatly improved the operation and effectiveness.

the above is to opt a beauty instruments and the related contents of introduction, Shanghai stefano photoelectric technology co. , LTD is a professional production, sales, research and development of beauty equipment manufacturers

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