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How much is laser remove spots apparatus

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser remove spots instrument how much

laser remove splash is currently doing hot laser cosmetic items, many beauty parlors are conducted laser remove spots. Haven't start laser remove spots instrument joint owners still struggling with whether to choose what kind of instrument, exactly how much laser remove spots instrument. Want to know how much laser remove spots instrument, we need to remove spots instruments have a understanding.

there are many kinds of laser remove spots apparatus, as the price is higher and higher, remove speckle effect is getting better and better. In general, remove spots depends on the spot is on our face. Some spots are our skin epidermis layer, such as freckles, against, coffee spot, including some exogenous pigment of skin lesions, such as eyeliner, tattoo eyeline line and so on, these shallow spots can be don't need so much energy, such as law, the company's passive Q series, 200 mj, 400 mj, 800 mj a few instruments. Passive tuning Q to shallow spot effect is very good, the price is cheap, in the tens of thousands of yuan or so commonly, but the price will be the more expensive with the higher energy.

as to some existing called deep spot, nevus of ota, for example, ITO, mole, zygomatic department brown blue nevus and so on, they exist in the dermis of the skin, passive tuning Q laser energy is very difficult to achieve this layer, so I need some high energy instrument, such as electro-optic tuning Q laser instruments. Electro-optic Q single pulse energy, a very short time, not only can effectively break the pigment block, can still do not produce thermal damage, protect the skin. Electro-optic tuning Q laser instrument power can be adjusted according to need, operating range is very wide, almost all skin pigmentary lesions can operate. Electro-optic tuning Q instruments, of course, the price is more expensive, the instrument can be hundreds of thousands.

after it is worth mentioning that the dissimilarity exist between the dermis and epidermis, is a very easy to spot of irritability, passive instrument tuning Q laser if not breaking energy has effect on the pathogenesis of the chloasma, pigment that can easily cause pigmentation, so the good use of electro-optic Q, can stable operation chloasma. How much money about laser remove spots instrument, depending on your choice to decide. if

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