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How much is the hair removal instrument semiconductor

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
Semiconductor hair removal instrument how much

it from day to day hot now, and to wear short-sleeved, short skirt of the season. In order to be in the summer mei-mei dalai, you still need for hair removal. How much the semiconductor hair removal instrument? Then explain it in detail by stefano small make up for you:

spring do hair removal is just right, the skin after maintenance of qiu dong, color of skin and hair color difference is very big, hair removal when the heat energy absorbed by the hair follicles, effect is better. 808 nm semiconductor laser hair removal is the wavelength of 808 nm standard laser, semiconductor laser near infrared light waves, penetrate into hair follicle roots and heating of pigment and spread to the whole of the hair follicle, both to the destruction of the hair follicle accurately, and does not cause the damage of adjacent tissue, achieve the result of hair removal.

Shanghai's company produces the hair removal instrument 808 al - 808 01, produce the effect of field in hair removal at the same time, to a certain extent, can make the skin collagen, can reach the effect of tender skin, shrink pores. Semiconductor hair removal instrument USES a large flare hand, epilating faster, because it is a single effective wavelength, so on the premise of guarantee the effect of pain is lower.

how much semiconductor hair removal instrument

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