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How much is the laser wash tattoo machine

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser wash tattoo machine how much

a lot of friends heard of tattoos, but do not know what tattoo, we'll learn about the tattoo, the concept of the so-called tattoo, refers to various pigments Pierce or after enter the skin trauma triangle flowers pattern circle into different images, visible to the naked eye all sorts of color, with the passage of time, the part of the color may fade, but there are some more stubborn tattoos, but it is difficult to remove, so a lot of friends will choose to use a laser tattoo machine washing to remove tattoo, so, if beauty salon friends want to open a tattoo project, how much to buy laser wash tattoo machine?

laser wash tattoo machine how many money? In fact, the price of the instrument is different, it has to do with the quality and performance of the instrument itself. Shanghai stefano to introduce to you a remove tattoo effect better laser wash tattoo machine, passive tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument - YILIYA - MV9, this is a good laser wash tattoo machine performance, its remove tattoo advantage lies in 7 * 7 * 6 times the frequency of the crystal and the frequency doubling crystal fine-tuning of the mechanical structure, single pulse of up to 100 mj 532 nm laser, these properties make it remove red base is superior to similar laser wash tattoo machine. The laser wash tattoo machine equipped with light power operation lamp, to large extent help patients recover in a short time. Equipped with light power operation lamp can stimulate blood circulation, eliminate swelling pain, with the price of one instrument for both instrument. Here small make up what need reminds is with wash tattoo done various matters needing attention.

1, there will be after the color, because of the influence of each part difference and shade of pigment, the color will appear in a few minutes to several hours later, this is normal phenomenon. Later in the improving process, color will get lighter, until vanishing.

2, operation process, affected by the body and pigment, skin and bleeding part happens or produce blisters, this is normal, but the skin is not easy and diabetics should pay special attention to medicine, cannot infect, to the hospital when necessary.

3 patients, blisters, so just note don't put the skin torn blisters, prevent infection, without special medication, blisters will improve themselves well in a few days. Such as blister is too big, can use disinfection yo put out the water, and then coated, as long as do is scabby before infection, not scabbed-over let it fall off naturally, don't remove the with the hand, a few months will improve care of the skin.

4, laser wash tattoo machine operating parts don't always use hand rub, after a few days don't touch the water, such as allergic to certain foods ( Such as seafood, spicy, etc. ) Then during operation should diet.

5, after using laser to wash the tattoo machine operation should pay attention to prevent bask in, after repeated operation patients may leave pigmentation marks, typically characterized by brown or reddish, need a period of time = time can improve better.

6, attention should be paid to the skin was observed after the operation, such as skin for a long time or not infection, should be in time to see a doctor.

laser wash tattoo machine is a multi-function cosmetology instrument, not only can be used to remove tattoo, you can also remove many skin spots

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