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How much is the laser wash tattoo machine

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser wash tattoo machine how much

how much laser wash tattoo machine

how much is the laser wash tattoo equipment, in general, laser wash tattoo equipment price with the brand of the instrument, the adjustment of the laser, the size of the light spot area and so on have very big concern, the following application will introduce for you, the stand or fall of laser wash tattoo equipment.

how much money to ask laser wash tattoo equipment, so we must first know the laser wash tattoo, wash eyebrow what is this principle. Laser wash tattoo instrument USES is caused by blasting principle - light - Laser instantaneous high-energy effect to the skin of tattoo, tattoo eyeline, in areas such as high-energy can effectively break tissue in the basement, the basement absorb sunlight and heat expansion instantaneous blasting fragmentation, part of the epidermis basement directly after a broken out in vitro, the base part of skin regiment cracked into tiny particles can be consumed by macrophages, after digestion by macrophages, finally through the body's lymph circulation in vitro. This is to wash the tattoo, laser laser wash eyebrow the working principle of the machine.

by the above, it is easy to see, first of all, a good wash tattoo equipment should have high energy laser output. Because the higher the energy, the stronger the ability to break down pigment group in an instant, then in clear skin base group effect is better. And laser wash tattoo machine function in the area of the target tissue, if laser wash tattoo machine flare area is larger, the higher the energy, heated up on unit area is high, the operation of the corresponding pigment effect is better.

if you want to know how much money a laser wash tattoo equipment, suggest that buyers can understand from the following several aspects, from the pulse width of laser wash tattoo instrument, the working frequency of light, laser, laser instrument tuning Q, laser single pulse energy, these parameters can be obtained from production side. You can listen to other laser blasting sound. A good laser wash tattoo instrument and the shorter the pulse width of the price will be higher, the general market laser wash tattoo equipment are 10 - pulse width 20ns。

so how much is the laser wash tattoo instrument with many parameters of the equipment has a close relationship. How about laser wash tattoo equipment see WWW. honkonlaser。 com

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