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How much is the lattice co2 lasers

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
Lattice co2 laser, how much

now cannot leave beauty equipment, beauty salon shop lattice laser cosmetic instrument used more widely, from acne, remove spots to slow the aging, has achieved fairly good results. So how much type lattice co2 laser? Today's small make up you for your detailed introduce:

lattice co2 laser operation using scanning laser dot matrix way, formed in the epidermis of a laser dot matrix and interval burning area, each laser point is composed of a single or several laser pulse, can be directly deep penetration to the skin, organization in gasification off wrinkles or concave and convex place, at the same time increase the collagen, collagen tissue recovery, reconstruction and so on a series of open skin reaction: collagen fibers under the action of laser generated about a third of the contract, the tiny wrinkles is flattening, deep wrinkles becomes shallow and the skin becomes tight luster. Achieve leather frame structure reconstruction, facial skin smoothing effect.

lattice co2 laser operation is a pulse mode, the lattice model, continuous mode, private mode and other work. Lattice CO2 laser is the main target group of water, and water is the main components of the skin, can make the dermal collagen fibers heated a contraction degeneration, and stimulate dermal wound healing in the reaction, the orderly deposition of collagen, collagen hyperplasia, improve skin elasticity, reduce scar.

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