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How much money amd small bubbles

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Ultra small bubbles how much

autumn winter season, the skin easily dry, need to be clean. Long-term use of cosmetics, if do not pay attention to clean can also cause clogged pores. The traditional manual methods cannot meet the needs of the skin clean, need to rely on the beauty of instruments and equipment. Clean the skin, open pores and need a superfine small bubbles. Then the ultra-small bubble how many money?

small bubbles cosmetic instrument is a new type of pore cleansing operation mode, nanoscale water bubbles, it can make groups of water molecules become small, ultra small bubbles of oxygen is easy to dissolve in the clearance between the groups. Ultra small bubbles can deep cleansing, remove aged cutin cell, dispel sebum, dispel various impurities of follicular infundibulum, follicular infundibulum is full of nutrients at the same time, provide nutrition for skin, make skin moist and fine luster.

small bubbles instrument M521 Plus is a way of beauty, almost skin damage: stripping effect in view of the piled aging cutin cell, almost no damage to the normal skin, delicate, soft and clean at the same time. Able to provide enough oxygen for the skin, increase cell activity, improve dark skin, make skin ruddy, connect fully, delay the aging of the skin.

that is amd related contents of introduction of small bubbles

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