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How much money e light beauty equipment

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
E light beauty equipment how much

now there has been a significant increase of people's living standard, meet the material needs to live, even the desire of people for the pursuit of fashion and beauty more and more strong. E light beauty instrument is the commonly used a beauty salon equipment, can help people tender skin and hair removal, remove spots, wrinkles, etc. , is a good helper of people improve the image of the self, so how much is the e light beauty equipment?

stefano e light beauty apparatus is intense pulsed light technology, the RF radio frequency technology and epidermis cooling technology for the integrated intelligent system, non stripped skin reconstruction can be targeted to different people's skin problem operation, get your complexion with good effect. Along with the increase of age, genetics, ultraviolet radiation, the influence of such factors as plus pigment AD cool-headed, a person's skin can appear spots, there will be wrinkles, e light beauty equipment for freckles, spots such as skin spots removing effect is better. In addition, also can achieve depilation, tender skin, the freezing point to red blood silk and the effect of wrinkles.

e light beauty instrument and RF IPL light RF release energy at the same time, at the same time stimulate collagen tissue freshmen, restore skin elasticity, remove fine wrinkles, make skin get overall ascension, shrink pores, make skin coruscate gives health moving again. In addition, the intense pulsed light and radio frequency synergy, the selective absorption of light energy by target tissue, focus on the leather in various, pigment and vascular plaques to some pigment and red blood silk, also can have the effect of tender skin to skin.

e light beauty equipment how many money? Shanghai's beauty equipment factory of e light beauty equipment is a variety of styles, high cost performance, can meet the needs of different types of beauty institutions, such as QQ + e, manipulated, etc. ,

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