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How much money freezing period

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Freezing period how much

the body hair removal method is various, the traditional way is not easy removal and repeatedly, freezing point hair removal is a kind of method of hair removal, hair removal can be achieved without the effect of pain. Semiconductor laser hair removal instrument is the important equipment to realize freezing hair removal, although said hair removal effect is very good, but a lot of hair removal because consider the investment cost of hair removal, heart will have a question: freezing period how many money?

freezing hair removal mainly using the theory of the selective thermal effect of the laser light can penetrate the skin to the hair follicle tissue, melanin absorption of hair follicle, cause temperature rise of hair follicle, break down the follicle tissue, hair not to grow from now on. How much freezing period mainly related to the following factors:

1, the freezing point of the parts is different, the price also is not the same. Human hair can be concentrated in the arms, legs, armpits, back and other parts, the nature of the hair is not the same, the area is larger, the difficulty of the hair removal will increase, need the number of hair removal is different, the price must be different.

2, freezing point hair removal selection area is different, the price also is different. Different development level of the city, consumption level is not the same, like the Shanghai development level is higher than in hebei province, the cost of the hair removal will be higher accordingly.

3, select the depilation institutions and physicians is different, different qualities of beauty hair removal instrument or physician organization level is different, the physician will judge according to the actual situation, to develop a suitable hair removal solution, price is relatively higher.

4, also use different types of hair removal instrument depends on how much money depilate, freezing regular professional beauty institutions use hair removal instrument is generally yes, so the price of laser hair removal will be higher than normal.

freezing period how many money? There is no fixed answers the question, also cannot treat as the same. Beauty salon if choose freezing point hair removal beauty equipment recommended 808 fl, 808 al, etc. , are now popular equipment,

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