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How much money lattice laser cosmetic instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
How much is the lattice laser cosmetic instrument

partners, in two months, is the Spring Festival. Blain hole, pore bulky, pigment spot all sorts of problems, such as still troubling you? Want to in front of the relatives and friends meimei dalai, you need help to lattice laser cosmetic instrument. How much the lattice laser cosmetic instrument? Stefano small make up next for you explain it in detail;

lattice co2 laser cosmetic instrument is to use laser micro holes on on the skin evenly, so as to form in the skin layer peeling, hot solidification and heat effect three areas, which in turn caused a series of biochemical reactions, skin stimulate skin self repair, tight skin, tender skin and repair the good spot, fill up the effect of scar. Due to lattice laser operation will only cover part of the skin tissue, holes on the new play without overlapping, so part of the normal skin, speed up the recovery.

lattice co2 laser cosmetic instrument with pulse mode, the lattice model, continuous model and private mode and so on the many kinds of working mode, there are seven kinds of scanning pattern, according to the place and role of organization choose area, shape. Can control the lattice when operating the laser output mode, including bitmap size, shape, density, distance, each pore diameter, the lattice laser operation is suitable for the needs of the customers, reduce wound and counterproductive.

lattice laser cosmetic instrument, how much is the company's size and beauty instrument, instrument configuration and after-sales service, for more details

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