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How much money opt four unity beauty instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
Opt for four and how much beauty instrument

stefano opt four unity beauty instrument USES the opt pulse light technology + adsorption technology, dual mode can implement depilate, tender skin, remove spots and go red blood silk, acne, wrinkles etc. Beauty project.

stefano opt compared with ordinary e light and beauty instrument, its adsorption function can weaken the skin to light energy absorption, significantly improve the effect of operation. Opt hairdressing apparatus, the adsorption function of energy focused on the target tissue, operating frequency decreased significantly compared with ordinary e light. Opt cosmetology instrument operation and quick, optional large flare adsorption mode or choose sliding mode greatly improves the operation speed, especially short hair removal time, stefano opt hairdressing instrument has different types, different size of light spot area, can choose according to the different operating parts using different hand, let the whole body no dead Angle.

stefano four unity beauty instrument can be configured with four handle, can according to different skin as switch at different positions of the project and use:

F + E un-experienced operator with

F + EH un-experienced operator with

I + E un-experienced operator with

F + E un-experienced operator with

Shanghai stefano beauty equipment manufacturers opt four unity beauty instrument can fast hair removal, tender skin, remove skin spots, acne, remove facial flush, and good stability and fast customer service welcome to call the method

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