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How much money the photon hair removal instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Photon hair removal instrument how much

photon hair removal equipment is long before the listed beauty equipment, up to now there are about ten years, because of the effect is good, so has been a sales, so how much the photon hair removal instrument?

although photon hair removal instrument used for hair removal effect is good, but actually this kind of instrument is a kind of multi-functional beauty instrument, in addition to hair removal beauty salon is often used to carry out tender skin, remove spots, acne, to red blood silk, etc. , and for several operation, the effect is satisfactory.

may customer care how much money is photon hair removal equipment, have so multi-function will not very expensive? Actually this is not the case, although the photon hair removal instrument has so multi-function, and each function effect is good, but the price of photonic instruments in beauty equipment is actually cheaper, and even a photon hair removal instrument price than professional hair removal instrument & ndash; — Semiconductor laser hair removal is also cheap.

although it is true that the photon hair removal instrument is very cheap, but photonic instruments still has a lot of models, including common for use in medium and small beauty parlors are small photon tender skin instrument QQ + e, M40e + etc, have OPT for use in the beauty salon in hairdressing instrument S6C, suitable for large beauty institutions, hospitals, orthopedic hospital use some adsorption OPT S7C hairdressing apparatus, and so on. + e of QQ, and other general models of the price is cheaper, at about 8 yuan, in the end OPT beauty equipment price about ten thousand yuan, in five or six more expensive some about 780000890 thousand. Some of these prices just according to the current sales model reference to come, because beauty equipment, unlike other mechanical equipment, beauty equipment has been continuously upgrade, so the price change or relatively quickly, such as with their QQ + e recently by the common power supply upgrade flash frequency for 1000 w power supply, the price also adjust accordingly.

how much is the photon hair removal instrument I think everybody how much a bottom in my heart, because the instrument changes very fast, so not as final price, just make a reference for you. Although there are many instruments manufacturer to promote their prices this low, but a price points a points goods, beauty equipment is not to say that as long as cheap is good, because if the quality closes nevertheless, once appear, problem will bring great harm.

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