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How much money the photon tender skin equipment

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
How much is the photon tender skin equipment

the photon tender skin instrument from entering the market until now, has always been being beauty salon, beauty institutions, you need that photon tender skin instrument probably how many money?

actually photon era has passed, now with more e light beauty instrument and opt beauty instrument, relative to the two kinds of beauty equipment, e light price is some lower, but according to its function and quality are different, the price of the basic between thousands of to 8. And opt beauty equipment belong to pulse light technology, relatively light price is somewhat higher, e opt technology instrument to tens of thousands of pieces, launched on the market a few small manufacturers often writes even thousands of yuan to wash eyebrow, tender skin, remove spots, hair removal and opt machine so cheap opt for more false opt, especially with a laser instrument, called him to be opt beauty equipment is also a big joke.

Shanghai stefano beauty equipment manufacturers of tender skin hairdressing apparatus have e light flash frequency and adsorption e light two kinds, e can realize e tender skin, e light hair removal, e dispel freckle, e light to remove facial blushing, waves lift to knit, and other functions, especially the company's adsorption e light flash frequency S1C + multi-function cosmetology instrument, the order quantity has been at the peak, price price material benefit, also belong to the high cost performance of a multifunction beauty equipment.

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