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How much money the photon tender skin instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Photon tender skin gauge how much

winter will soon came, people prone to dry, dull skin, big pores and other problems, there is no doubt that adds a lot of trouble to beautiful people. Photon tender skin is a common a hairdressing salon project, can effectively improve the common skin problems, but how much money a photon tender skin instrument?

the photon tender skin is one of the e light beauty instrument, set the IPL intense pulsed light technology, the RF radio frequency technology and epidermis cooling technology is an organic whole, can achieve tender skin and hair removal, remove spots and wrinkles, skin operation, according to the actual circumstance of each skin problems, to achieve good operation effect. Photon tender skin instrument for beautiful skin, almost no pain, will not leave any side effects, relative comparison.

the photon tender skin instrument operating range is wide, like freckles, day light spot, age spots, pigmentation pigmentary problems such as; Capillary expansion, skin flush, rosacea, vascular problem such as lupus erythematosus acne; Fine wrinkles and aging skin problems such as the pores. Relatively speaking, the photon tender skin pigmentary lesions and vascular lesions have certain improvement effect, in addition, the photon is has a good effect on acne, its microorganisms on the skin has the effect of sterilization, and can reduce the sebaceous glands to secrete, shrink the pores.

the photon tender skin gauge how much is it? Photon tender skin meter price is not treat as the same, with beauty instrument manufacturers, instrument accessories, quality and after-sales service are related, such as many photon tender skin of stefano company are very popular,

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