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How to choose remove spots beauty instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
How to choose remove spots beauty equipment

how to choose remove spots beauty instrument? Now a new era of women is no longer so dependent on men, through their own hard work in the economy, is already a very independent, but relatively is also a price to pay. Because of busy work and don't have much time to maintain skin, skin spots, began appearing in this let MM people love the pain, then, we will come together to learn about the classification of the plaques and the use of equipment.

1, shallow spots ( Faded yellow and tender skin) xi/remove spots

to adapt to the symptoms: spot, sun spot, black spot, spot of radiation skin pigmentary lesions operation effect is prominent.

disease reasons: more young people, and most face freckles are genetic, sunburn, shading, radiation spot is generally by the use of inferior cosmetics or sun.

performance characteristics: clear skin appear red spots after exposure, slightly prominent, presented at the beginning of the oval, and pass a few days after the oval into pieces of brown patches.

instrumentation: multifunctional e light beauty or flash frequency instrument S1C adsorption +

2, deep brown spots ( Remove spots net skin/improve the skin)

to adapt to the symptoms: chloasma, malar rash, zygomatic spot, nevus of ota, looked gloomy deep brown spots.

disease reason: - 30 years old About 40 women, often just fertility, pregnancy hormone, progesterone, estrogen imbalance, easy to cause the malar rash after pregnancy, pregnancy spots, or career pressure, often excessive fatigue, stress, worry, insomnia, endocrine dysfunction, imbalance, causing looked bleak matt.

performance characteristics: with zygomatic department, cheeks, nose, forehead and chin to give priority to. For the boundary is not clear brown or black patch, symmetry.

instrumentation: 1064 QTH tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument.

3, light aging pigment spots ( Remove spots firming/younger)

to adapt to the symptoms, age spots, coffee spots, brown spots and so on, this spot, with fine lines, mild flabby skin, skin color dim light aging symptoms such as problems.

disease reason: women aged 50 or so into the 10-year, quick temper, eccentricity, nervous, anxiety, easy to appear a series of changes in the body. Such as dysfunction and metabolic disorders, thus forming age spots and other light aging phenomenon.

performance characteristics: light brown, brown or light black patch, refers to the cover to the coin size or a palm size, and shape is irregular, clear or fuzzy, tend to blend into large, smooth surface, no scales, not self-conscious symptom.

instrumentation: passive tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument MV11.

the above answers are small make up for you how to choose remove spots beauty equipment, there are different kinds of splash, everyone should be to choose according to the practical situation, can remove splash effect. Shanghai's beauty equipment manufacturers have different style of professional remove spots beauty equipment, if you are interested

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