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by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser cosmetic instrument manufacturer

laser cosmetic instrument is beauty salon is very common project to a device, which can be used to remove spots, remove moles, vervet doll to scar, and other projects, is the key to give multiple beauty salon customers. Now on the market for the sale of laser beauty equipment manufacturer is much more special, let a lot of beauty parlour don't know how to choose, so laser beauty equipment factory where is good?

the current relatively popular in the laser cosmetic instrument are tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument, lattice type, such as the laser instrument is beauty salon equipment commonly used to carry out the project. Tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument are divided into active Q and passive tuning Q laser instrument, if used to wash, wash eyebrow eyeliner, choose to use 200 mj passive tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument can achieve a goal; If used to wash the tattoo, to choose the energy of more than 400 mj and passive tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument; Active tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument of energy is higher, is thoroughly remove pigment pathological changes, can remove chloasma, Mongolia spot, nevus of ota, ITO, zygomatic brown cyan nei disturbing spots such as pathological changes, reduce people's psychological burden.

lattice are ultra pulse co2 laser cosmetic instrument lattice laser instrument and 1550 lattice laser instrument types, each have each advantage. Super pulse lattice co2 laser instrument applied to the skin of time is very short, reduce the thermal damage to the skin, long wavelength can operate on the darker skin problems such as spots, pigmented nevus, etc. , on the color spots, sink, pore bulky, the skin coarse, blain blain to imprint, gravid grain surface skin problems such as the pit operation is also very effective. 1550 dot matrix laser instrument for infrared technology in the dermis, is a kind of non stripping technology, carry out red blain to imprint, wrinkles etc. The effect of the project is worth looking forward to.

laser beauty equipment factory where is good? Shanghai's company is the domestic well-known beauty equipment factory, provides conforms to the requirements of equipment for the general customers, are also follow the trend of the beauty of science and technology unceasingly the new generation,

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