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Laser beauty equipment price

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser cosmetic instrument prices

mentioned laser beauty equipment, may is no stranger to the broad masses of beauty institutions, because modern beauty don't like traditional use products beautiful skin, use hairdressing instruments to carry out project has become a trend, and laser cosmetic instrument is commonly used a beauty salon. Laser cosmetic instrument itself is divided into different types, can help beauty institutions to carry out the different beauty project, laser beauty equipment price how many?

passive tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument, electro-optic tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument and lattice laser instrument and so on are laser cosmetic instrument, passive tuning Q laser instrument for single pulse energy different beauty project is conducted, such as single pulse energy 200 mj instrument MV9, MV2008 wash tattoo eyeline look line effect is good, such as the instrument of single pulse energy 400 mj MV11 can wash tattoo, you can also remove stains remove moles. Electro-optic tuning Q laser instrument for nevus of ota, ITO, zygomatic brown cyan nei, chloasma, Mongolia spot pigmentary lesions such as removing effect is good, pain is light, giving patients a relatively comfortable experience. Tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument equipped with carbon powder head vervet doll can carry out the project operation, achieve tender skin pale spot, shrink pores, to black head and matte cosmetic effect.

lattice laser instrument is divided into 1550 lattice laser instrument and lattice co2 laser instrument, 1550 lattice laser instrument for pore bulky, light aging caused by the uneven skin color, tender skin and anti-wrinkle, chloasma, deep down pigmentation, acne and traumatic scar can be a significant problem. Co2 laser instrument has good laser brighten technology, avoid the surface damage to the skin, the skin and health after the operation, the recovery time is short. Use this breakthrough technology, laser therapy can effectively remove wrinkles, acne scars and scars, operation of sunburn skin, no other brighten therapy normally have undesirable side effects.

laser cosmetic instrument cost? Shanghai's beauty equipment manufacturers have different models of laser instrument, can carry out the beauty of project is different also, beauty institutions can choose according to their own requirements,

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