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Laser cosmetic instrument, and constantly create a myth of around you

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser cosmetic instrument, and constantly create a myth of you

laser cosmetic instrument, create a myth around you

laser cosmetic instrument, create a myth around you, starting from the laser application in medical beauty industry, humans have mastered the can change the face of this important factor, by experienced medical hairdressing doctors and their hand holds the myth of creation tool & ndash; — Laser cosmetic instrument; Brush continuously break the cosmetic gift lies.

using laser cosmetic instrument for beautiful skin is in contemporary women's beauty course, is not fresh topic already. However, through the whole laser cosmetic instrument market, the cost of the same technology might vary widely, effect nature is not the same. The key point lies in the laser instrument in this. Is also for laser cosmetic instrument for beautiful skin, domestic laser cosmetic instrument can be tens of thousands of yuan a, laser beauty equipment requires millions.

laser cosmetic instrument are operating effect, mainly is the selective thermal effect, different laser effect on different diseased tissue, and normal tissue damage. The production of a laser instrument is produced according to the specific operation parameters. At present domestic well-known, specialized for medical laser equipment, more than a company to develop one or two kinds of laser. Omnipotent laser on a platform, is to cater to the needs of the low-end customers and production, from the laser medical treatment, laser in key operation parameters, shang da is less than normal tissue complications such as damage are generated, the problem such as scar and pigmentation.

beauty laser using classification

( 1) Superficial pigmentary problems such as freckles, spots, etc. , can choose short wavelength laser. Operating leather pigmentary problems such as nevus of ota, blue-black tattoo, you must choose a longer wavelength laser, can effectively reach the deep dermis.

( 2) Laser to remove moles, warts and pimples, vegetations, acne and scars and pigmentation, skin benign skin flaws, such as the choice of 532 nm, 1064 nm laser, or 10600 nm and 2940 nm of erbium ultra pulse CO2 laser.

( 3) Laser removes excess body hair, including lip hair, beard, armpit hair, hair and body hair everywhere. Laser effect on skin, the energy absorbed by the melanin in hair follicles, break down the follicle and surrounding tissues, hair removal. Hair follicles and surrounding tissues, hair removal. And 1064 nm laser wavelengths can penetrate to the dermis in the depth of the hair follicle, people of color of skin is deeper.

( 4) Remove superficial wrinkles, skin because of its remarkable and quickly became popular in Caucasian, but because of its high incidence of pigmentation in the yellow race operation, application is restricted. Followed by the erbium laser, have fine operating effect, postoperative pigmentation less and less side effects, such as the above technology combined with the new technology of dot matrix, can make a slight trauma.

( 5) Strong operation and photon tender skin, strong light, 十- 铁架脉冲光,IPL) Also known as the intense pulsed light, essentially still belongs to the normal instead of laser light, better operating range including capillary expansion, pigmentation, freckles, acne, rosacea, enlarged pores and fine wrinkles.

after the skin becomes white, smooth and elastic. For obvious wrinkles and spots with lighter is limited, need to coordinate with other laser operation.

in the practical application, the main parameters of laser cosmetic instrument, including the wavelength, the work way, pulse width, pulse interval, spot size, repetition frequency and power, energy, etc. , need to be accurate and stable. Beauty laser equipment performance and internal component quality is there is a huge difference. So choose the high quality and good reputation is particularly important for beauty instrument.

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