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Laser cosmetic instrument operation nevus of ota

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser cosmetic instrument operation nevus of ota

nevus of ota is a violation of sclera and benign pigmentary dermatosis trigeminal distribution area, some nevus of ota has during birth or shortly after birth, so in the folk people used to call nevus of ota black birthmark. But more than 50% of the patients and the day after tomorrow is for the onset of puberty, the majority women, a small number of patients with nevus of ota late onset age. Nevus of ota will seriously affect our beautiful, especially the part of the it appears is on the face, caused a lot of damage to many of our friends. Histopathologic is it real leather inside melanin cells caused by abnormal growths, so, when we choose operating such skin problems, the choice of beauty instrument must be specialized operation of nevus of ota instrument. Laser cosmetic instrument nevus of ota is your operation.

regardless of the time grows, nevus of ota properties are the same, no different. For those who was born with or shortly after birth occurred in patients with nevus of ota, usually in the 4 - And 12 - when 5 years old At the age of 14, nevus of ota fluctuate once, that is to say in this period, nevus of ota will grow larger, or some color will be darker, more stable in the future. For patients with nevus of ota occurring after, they are usually in the 4 - Or 12-5 years old About 14 hours out of nevus of ota, of course, there are slower to grow the nevus of ota. Operating nevus of ota, choose to beauty instrument, is very important.

at present each big hospital or medical beauty clinic use laser cosmetic instrument operation nevus of ota. Shanghai stefano is highly recommended and is the use of tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument, wavelength at around 1064 nm, so more through the role of the selective solar-thermal relative damage broken nevus of ota melanin cell, laser cosmetic instrument nevus of ota its outstanding characteristic is operation without local anesthesia, in a few minutes to tens of minutes to complete, convenient operation, tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument nevus of ota operation result is ideal, success is very high, not only will not have a scar, and without the change of skin texture, effect and the number associated with the pathological type of nevus of ota, although more operation, but tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument is undoubtedly nevus of ota ideal choice of the operation.

the color of nevus of ota can have some changes, such as darker in the summer, winter, mood of color may also be affected. Changes in the clinical manifestation of nevus of ota, light person can only show the eyes around the hazel dot or flake pigment spots, heavy can show the single face or double side of brown, green, brown, or young black pigment spots. Shanghai's beauty equipment, in view of different skin, different age, have the corresponding solutions.

dear friends, through the above introduction, believe everybody of nevus of ota and similar skin problem had certain understanding, stefano in Shanghai over the years dedicated to the study of various beauty equipment, the production of beauty equipment sold to domestic and foreign each big beauty salon and medical institutions. Welcome, if you are

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