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Laser cosmetic instrument remove spots FAQ

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser cosmetic instrument remove spots FAQ

now women like beauty, tender skin skin is very important for women. Want to quickly remove stains, laser cosmetic instrument remove spots is effective and operation method. Some people have no idea about laser remove spots, then let's small make up for you to do a detailed answer:

1, laser remove spots will leave scar?

as a result of a particular wavelength laser can arrive through the epidermis and the dermis, pathological changes of pigment, only work of pigment particles, the skin epidermis little damage, so don't leave scars on the skin. Different wavelengths of laser, which can selectively absorbed by intradermal pigment. Laser beam area is small, and in a very short time of milliseconds, microseconds through the skin, laser minimal thermal damage to skin, so you don't leave skin scar.

2, laser remove spots will be returned to the black?

after laser remove splash against black phenomenon is mainly caused by racial and individual skin, yellow melanin cell activity is strong white, research shows that black ratio is about 10%. But don't have to worry about, this is the repair after skin contact laser performance, returned to the coming of black, metabolism of skin can automatically pigment deposition, that is to say, the pigment is usually appears again in 2 - after the appearance of black 3 months to slowly fade away.

3, laser remove spots?

due to medical beauty industry management oversight, lead to often have a beauty isn't the case against disfigured appearance, make a lot of beautiful women for laser remove spots that fear. With the certification of splash is qualified by the instrument, the operation is to do a good job of the health, the doctor operation technique mature, laser remove spots is don't have to worry about the problem.

4, laser remove spots operation for only 1 time?

laser remove spots instrument operation splash is not 1 time operation can be done, clinically, laser remove spots need to be about 1 to 5 times of operation, every operation interval about 1 - twice 2 months. Laser to remove the number of spots is mainly related to these two factors: a, strives for the beauty of their own situation, skin spots, different types, the operation of the laser frequency is different also, splash the area is large, operating more darker. B, selection of laser equipment, laser equipment has a lot of, now used for remove spots of different laser equipment operating frequency will be different.

about laser cosmetic instrument remove spots FAQ knowledge is introduced here for everyone

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