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Laser cosmetic instrument wash tattoo will leave scar

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser cosmetic instrument wash tattoo will leave scar?

when a lot of friends around us are young is because the pursuit of fashionable and tattoos, but when they reach a certain age, don't want to be fashionable, and they will remove tattoo, but because of time for a long time, so the general method of wash tattoo is to remove the tattoo. And some patients also fear that using laser cosmetic instrument remove tattoo will leave scar, below, stefano will answer you in the heart of doubt. The view of beauty equipment is how to solve the trouble back at home for you.

tattoo is to use a dedicated needle to Pierce the skin all kinds of pigments, form all sorts of design. Tattoo after a long time, will give a tattoo is a huge mental pressure. Wash tattoo methods, such as using grinding, liquid, etc. , but can't reach the effect of removing, easily lead to scarring. With the emergence of laser cosmetic instrument, the role of selective solar-thermal laser operation become the operation of the tattoo. Laser cosmetic instrument to wash the tattoo is applied to the affected to the laser light to blast principle: the accumulation of high-energy laser instantaneous emission, instantaneous lesions basement in a very short time, the corresponding base group absorbing sunlight and heat rapidly expanding instantaneous blasting fragmentation, part of the basement after a fracture directly ruled out in vitro, part of the basement fracture into tiny particles can be consumed by macrophages, after digestion by macrophages, finally through the lymph circulation in the human body eduction body outside, the lesion of basement will gradually decrease and eventually disappear, this method does not damage the surrounding normal skin tissues, leaving no scar after surgery. The effect of laser with high selectivity and does not produce damage to the surrounding normal skin, no significant side effects, after laser wash tattoo, tattoo with 1 - commonly Three laser wash tattoo can dispel.

the other laser wash facial instrument wash tattoo has the following advantages

1. To deep pigmentation effect is very good, can remove tattoo for a longer time.

2。 Short laser pulse width, pigment blasting effect is good, basic no damage skin

3. Application range is wide, can according to different colors and different depth of tattoos and splash.

current wash tattoo's good hairdressing instrument is to use passive tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument.

wash tattoo classification

wash tattoo mainly include: wash tattoo, wash eyes, wash, wash eyebrow lip, red tattoos, tattoo, black blue tattoos, etc.

if you or your friends around you are facing now wash tattoo distress, hurriedly usage of hairdressing instruments to give it a try, stefano specializing in the production of laser cosmetic instrument, E light beauty machine, and other series of beauty equipment. Worth your trust.

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