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Laser cosmetic wash tattoo machine

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser cosmetic wash tattoo machine

all kinds of tattoo, see others would not be surprised, does not like to see feel strange. Tattoo once very popular, on behalf of the personality or some kind of significance, for psychological change will produce wash tattoo tattoo, laser wash tattoo effect is better, so commonly used laser hairdressing salon wash tattoo machine have?

laser wash tattoo is a more effective method, will not damage the normal skin tissue, also does not affect the life and work. Laser wash tattoo machine, it is recommended to use passive tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument can, using the principle of light induced by blasting, high-energy laser reach the moment of tattoo pigment, the pigment of target tissue absorb light energy is heated rapidly expanding were suddenly cracked into pigment particles, part as body eduction body outside, the other part is with the blood circulation of phagocyte eduction body outside, tattoo pigment gradually disappear, achieve the goal of wash tattoo. After operating laser cosmetic wash tattoo machine, directly affect the effect of postoperative nursing work, needs attention, mainly include the following:

1, laser wash tattoo, don't rub the operation site, also don't touch the water, don't wear makeup.

2, after laser wash tattoo may appear a little pain, also can appear brief reactions such as redness, will disappear on its own.

3, don't drink and smoke, forbidden to eat excitant food tartly, also prohibits eats food of a darker, such as coffee, Pepsi, etc.

4, pay attention to daily sunscreen work, go out to play umbrella or wear a sun hat, avoid direct ultraviolet radiation.

5, laser wash tattoo, attention should be paid to remove red anti-inflammatory, don't tear scab skin, to make its own loss.

what are the main laser cosmetic wash tattoo machine? Recommend the use of single pulse energy is greater than 400 mj passive tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument, such as MV11, MV22 are very popular,

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