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Laser eyebrow washing machine operation

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser eyebrow washing machine operation note

in the first place because there are many types of laser cosmetic instrument on the market, so energy different purpose vary, but no matter how laser cosmetic instrument factory promise the company's laser beauty equipment, needs some protection measures, for the operator must wear eye protection when operating.

in addition to customers, if they are laser wash eyebrow, laser wash look line, etc, because close to the eyes, so you should wear eye protection for the customer.

laser cosmetic instrument if due to improper use, can lead to skin damage, so must instrument operators should be trained to operate.

a qualified laser cosmetic instrument operation teacher should know how to avoid sunburn skin, operators in the use of laser cosmetic surgery instrument should allow the energy of the instrument is changed from low to high, to avoid excessive energy laser instrument, skin burns, blisters.

if the laser cosmetic instrument operation division to the customer caused the phenomenon such as burns, and don't be surprised if, after simple treatment can help you to solve the confusion when there is a burn, should be in time for the customer light toning cream or phototherapy improve postoperative serum. For the phenomenon of pigmentation and so on, can use laser instrument to operate again.

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