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Laser eyebrow washing machine

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser eyebrow washing machine

laser wash eyebrow machines

one, laser eyebrow washing machine operation principle

the agglomeration high-energy laser instantaneous emission, ACTS on the skin deep, until the pigment pigment group heat expansion cracking, pigment group immediately play a popup in vitro, deep pigment group cracked into small particles absorbed by macrophages in the body, along with the in vitro metabolism of the lymphatic system.

2, scope of operations

( 1) Exogenous pigment, such as eyebrow tattoo, embroidered eyebrow; Tattoo; Lip; Tattoo; Traumatic pigmentation.

( 2) Endogenous pigment: such as the birthmark; Nevus of ota. Mole; Old

three characteristics, laser eyebrow washing machine

when using laser wash eyebrow machines operate less bleeding, less pain, pain process short, high quality of surgery, surgical time is short.

4, preoperative preparation,

( 1)

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