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Laser hair removal device which is really good

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser hair removal is what kind of good

the body hair on the body itself has a protective effect, also can help to remove sweat, but too much hair can affect people's appearance image, cause psychological burden. Compared with tweezers defeathering, wax and other traditional methods, laser hair removal is more convenient and quick, also is higher, however, laser hair removal is what kind of good?

semiconductor laser hair removal equipment is a kind of commonly used laser hair removal, laser wavelength of 808 nm, oneness with good, have good penetration, is a Duan Bochang melanin cells absorb better too. Laser penetrate the skin to hair follicles, with the aim to target the melanin cell selective absorption of light energy, hair follicle temperature rise sharply, hair loss, and then achieve the goal of hair removal. Semiconductor laser hair removal will not cause harm to the skin, also won't affect perspiration function, basically has the following advantages:

1, effective: sapphire cooling protection, according to the selective principle of field, high sex, effectively protect the normal skin thermal damage, almost no pain.

2, the depth of the hair follicle: rate of large area hair removal, 5 times than a conventional laser acceleration.

3, hair removal is not growth: appropriate pulse width adjustment, effective deep in the hair follicle, break down the follicle tissue directly, hair removal is not born.

4, whiten skin, tender skin and hair removal completed at the same time, after operation, the skin will become full of flexibility, beautiful and white.

this is simple introduction of laser hair removal device which is really good, semiconductor laser hair removal instrument can be hair removal operation, different parts of the human body is not as people imagine a one-time removal, but according to the actual circumstance of everyone,

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