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Laser hair removal instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser hair removal instrument

cold wind blowing, leaves fall, winter has come, many people think that hair removal is not in season, but the beauty salon hair removal customer did not decrease, it is because we show new look to prepare for next year. Laser hair removal instrument can help customers achieve depilation, embarrassing to remove unwanted hair, is a beauty salon for hair removal project of hair removal equipment.

traditional shave/shaving. Speed is quick, simple and low cost operation. But often need to shave, shave will hurt the corneous layer, therefore does not apply to the face. After shave grows burr will hurt skin, when friction appear tickling, redness, appear even hair endogenous, does not apply to underarms, triangle.

wax. Body hair with sticky wax sticks, shall be removed. Wax is suitable for the arms, legs, armpits. Use can cause pain, and chemical synthesis of wax is easy to cause stimulation to the skin. In addition, to tear down part of body hair easy to remain within the pores if plunged into the hair follicles, causes folliculitis.

hair removal laser hair removal instrument. Laser hair removal is a method of hair removal, the wavelength of 808 nm semiconductor laser hair removal instrument, melanin of its better absorption, and can penetrate to the deep dermis and subcutaneous fat tissue, light energy is converted into heat energy, apply to different depth of hair follicles and break down the follicle tissue, achieve the result of hair removal. Laser hair removal, fast, almost no pain, applies to any parts of the body of excess hair removal, also won't affect people's life and work, is a very convenient method of hair removal.

these are several common hair removal method is a simple introduction to the current, laser hair removal instrument method is good, relatively is quite high, Shanghai's 808 fl beauty equipment manufacturer, 808 al and so on are very popular,

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