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Laser hair removal instrument preoperative taboo

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser hair removal instrument preoperative taboo

it's peak season depilation, who is now a hot summer, wear cool clothes may be exposed people of excess body hair, directly change the image of the people in the eyes of others. Laser hair removal is a rapid and convenient method, give people a relatively comfortable hair removal experience, but also cannot ignore, laser hair removal instrument preoperative taboos will directly affect the effect of hair removal.

semiconductor laser hair removal equipment mainly based on the theory of selective effects of field, light energy on the target of the melanin in hair follicles and selective absorption of light energy, hair follicle temperature rise sharply, lead to hair follicle tissue destruction, hair loss. Semiconductor laser hair removal is a method of freezing point hair removal is relatively reliable and can achieve the goal of hair removal. Laser hair removal instrument preoperative taboos are:

1, a month for dewaxing or mechanical defeathering, should make the hair removal again after a month.

2, history of sun exposure or upcoming exposure, not hair removal, avoid depigmentation.

3, there is a clear skin infection should not be hair removal.

4, accept potential endocrine hormone operation or abnormal temporarily not hair removal operation.

5, patients with keloid or hyperplastic scar operation shoulds not be too positive.

6, patients with tattoos in hair removal parts should not be operating. ( Tattoo color effect the operation)

7 patients, expecting too much careful operation.

beauty salon use hair removal beauty equipment for hair removal project, is a very common thing, but laser hair removal of preoperative surgery is there are a lot of attention, need to communicate in advance and physicians.

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