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Laser hair removal instrument the freezing point

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser hair removal instrument freezing

the weather is getting hot, people have put on the cool clothes, but too much hair, let a person look not so relaxed. Now go to the beauty salon hair removal has become a popular, a lot of beauty salon use laser hair removal equipment for hair removal project, the freezing point hair removal without pain and comfortable, can achieve the purpose of hair removal, laser hair removal instrument freezing is so the choice of beauty salon.

for hair removal, laser hair removal freezing instrument is mainly due to meet the conditions of hair removal: one is the laser must be able to fully absorbed by the hair follicle tissue, 2 it is laser can through the skin effectively the hair follicles to their positions. Laser wavelength of 808 nm semiconductor laser can be very good absorption of melanin, using selective effects of field, the heat energy of light energy to break down the follicle melanin, hair follicle tissue is destroyed, the hair not to grow. Laser hair removal instrument freezing basically has the following advantages:

( 1) Laser hair removal is not leave scar, also have no side effects. After the traditional method of hair removal, waxing to pigmentation, skin inflammation, and laser penetrate the skin deep, skin normal tissues absorb laser rarely, will not be damage, also won't leave scars and pigmentation.

( 2) Laser hair removal instrument quick freezing, do not affect people's life and work. Spot design for the square there caused by semiconductor laser hair removal, can undertake large areas of hair removal, fast sliding speed faster, improve the efficiency, eliminate traditional circular laser spot forming operations overlap dead zone.

( 3) Laser hair removal instrument to protect skin from damage the freezing point. Laser pulse time required hair removal effect associated with the thickness of the hair, hair coarse laser action time required for longer and longer, laser hair removal laser pulse light charged time from 10 milliseconds to 300 milliseconds, obtain ideal hair removal at the same time, and can effectively protect the skin thermal injury.

the above is the simple introduction of laser hair removal instrument freezing, has many advantages, and teachers is recommended now popular semiconductor laser hair removal equipment 808 fl, 808 al, is Shanghai's beauty equipment factory very popular hair removal instrument.

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