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Laser hair removal is good

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Good laser hair removal is

laser hair removal is a good one, hair removal instrument of all concrete embodiment in freezing point when the laser hair removal, hair removal, a single hair removal effect is good, unique hair need fewer hair removal. It was also because of this, laser hair removal is a beauty salon hair removal device, so what is the laser hair removal is good?

to understand good laser hair removal device, small make up think can probably know about the laser hair removal is first. Laser hair removal is also known as the 808 semiconductor laser hair removal device, USES a 808 nm laser to act directly on the hair, the hair of the melanin to 808 wavelength laser absorption efficiency is high, so when the laser on the hair, melanin absorption of laser energy to produce a lot of heat, heat cause dermal papilla thermal coagulation, stop hair growth.

and determine how a laser hair removal is the quality of the key factors is the instrument of the quality of the laser and laser power. To date, most common laser hair removal is the greatest power is 300 w, 400 w, 500 w, 600 w, the higher the power of hair removal effect is good, straightforward said is the higher power single hair removal effect is better, no hair need number of hair removal is the less. Small make up recommend a good laser hair removal is stefano semiconductor laser 808 ch, this instrument power is 600 w, new binary microchannel cooling technology, the comfortable big limit of hair removal, sex.

good laser hair removal instrument is introduced here, have intention to know more customers can contact us directly online customer service or phone

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